A Bit About Us

Our goal is to integrate Education, Participation, Innovation and Celebration of Black Golfers from our past to our future and Honor those who paved the way. The use of the Divot tool in our logo as a reminder, like on the golf course to repair your divots on the green that we must also help to repair the damage that was done prior to the Caucasian clause. We are willing to share our love for the game to ensure that the sport of golf is left better for ALL those who participate in the game after us.

Meet The Founders

Kirk Russell and Khary Mitchell met through a social media network group started by Kirk in the spring of 2012.  As the group grew, the two came together to create Honor 61 and use the innovation of their idea and love for the game to be a bridge beyond all stigmas and barriers.


Co Founder, Owner, Architect

Fully committed to growing the game of golf, Khary strives to be a voice of reason, motivation, and consistency to a large group of golfers eagerly wanting to see more diversity throughout the golf industry. His influence ranges from green grass, to manufacturing, to retail and all the way up to founding association level of coaching and playing levels from armature to professional.  


Co Founder, Owner, Visionary

When Tiger Woods said “Hello World” in 1996 and sharing his first golf outing memory with his father, Kirk realized he truly loves the game of golf.  Educated in mental health, he understands the importance of a correct historical timeline.  Kirk is dedicated to honoring the efforts and achievements of the golfers not often celebrated before and after the removal of the PGA Caucasian Only Clause voted out of the bylaws in 1961. 

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